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Oh! you pretty things
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21st-Jun-2010 10:36 am - A Post About Nothing
austen christmas
Stormy Monday morning. No work til two, which means a morning of latte and books.
Re-reading Criminal by Ed Brubaker and A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines simultaneously. An odd combo.

As a side note, Sean Phillips artwork is always incredible.

Possibly relaxing with Dylan Moran's Like, Totally...after work. I miss that man and his pretty face.

Picture obviously not from above mentioned DVD but still....Can we just do a collective "Awww" right about now?
Sorry...teenage girl moment.

Thunder and lightning outside is ridiculous. Perhaps I'll call off to work.

Next week launches the exciting beginning of: "The reallyvegas Moving and New/Old Job Adventure Story"
So...look forward to that. I know I am.

Happy Monday everyone.
15th-Jun-2010 03:56 pm - Life, the universe and everything.
austen christmas
Am going to start writing in this thing.
I am.
Just as soon as this episode of Intervention is over, I'm going to write brilliant, hilarious, and profound observations about "life, the universe, and everything."
Though I really should finish series three of Black Books, which I just started re-watching.
And start For Whom the Bell Tolls.
But at some point tonight--the words are gonna just FLOW.
Oh wait....it's Tuesday.
Shit--that's Deadliest Catch day.

Tomorrow--the words are gonna FLOW, man. Just an outpouring of brilliance and creativity.
Yeah, totally, tomorrow.
6th-Feb-2010 05:52 pm - Mostly Just Testing
harold mom
but for somebodies viewing pleasure: 
Mr. Dylan

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